About us

BILLIONAIRE WOMEN NFTS is a collection of 5555 unique tigresses hosted on the Ethereum network that will be let loose into the jungle.

The collection has been inspired by dynamic and bold personalities, both past and present, and each tigress has been brought to life with her unique traits by our fabulous artist. No two tigresses are the same!

By holding on to your tigresses, you can use them to hunt down fabulous prizes and giveaways once the streak has been let loose!

Legendary Gallery



A total of 5555 tigresses will enter the jungle. They are here to dominate!


Join our Discord, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with all announcements, which will include opportunities to win spots on the whitelists and other prizes.


Minting will be activated in 3 stages: VIP Whitelist/Whitelist/Public mint. All announcements will be made on social media platforms and discord to give the community the opportunity to snap up their NFT. We have included a number of surprises for those who successfully mint the BILLIONAIRE WOMEN NFTS, which will be announced within a few days of the Public mint.


The reveal of the tigresses is anticipated to take place at the start of April. We will confirm the exact date and time at least 48 hours prior to reveal. You do not want to miss out!


The BILLIONAIRE WOMEN NFTS come with an array of unique experiences and opportunities to benefit all our loyal holders. Here is a sneak peek of the experiences with plenty more to come!

  • Assist with Medical Bills and Student Loans
  • Access Red Carpet Events
  • Access to Film Premieres
  • Access to Fashion Events
  • Access to 5 Star Luxury Holidays (with flights and accommodation)
  • Spa weekends
  • Day/Weekend Breaks
  • Mentorship
  • Sponsor Female Projects and Small Businesses


Roadmap 2.0 development with integration into the Metaverse. We will be releasing a second NFT Collection. First wildlife Safari in the Metaverse

Icon Gallery


BILLIONAIRE WOMEN NFTS offer perks and utilities like no other community. This will include a trip to wildlife safari in South Africa, access to the Monaco Grand Prix and red carpet events to name a few.

Billionaire Bucket List

We will let the community create a bucket list of 99 things that they would love to do and then do a giveaway as often as we can to make someone’s dream come true.

Billionaire Women NFT Whales

All Billionaire Women NFT holders with 10 or more NFTS will get given our personalised merchandise such as hoodies and caps. They will also receive complimentary access to the Global Concierge and Lifestyle Management Service provided by our founder, The Billionaire Concierge.

Legendary NFT Perks & Utilities

1 Legendary NFT holder will win a luxury holiday worth $10,000 each month.

All 10 Legendary NFT holders will get exclusive access to The Billionaire Concierge Elite Lifestyle Management service.

utility image
utility image

Icon NFT Perks & Utilities

2 Icon NFT holders will win $1000 each per month.

All 20 Icon NFT holders will get exclusive access to The Billionaire Concierge Executive service.

Non-Legendary/Icon NFT Perks

10 NFTs will receive $250. These will be randomly selected out of the whole collection each month.

There will also be regular surprise giveaways to holders of BILLIONAIRE WOMEN NFTS.

utility image

Billionaire Community

BILLIONAIRE WOMEN NFTS is hoping to create a community like no other. We will not only offer dream experiences, but we also want to reward the good people that go out of their way to help others. We will be offering the Pride of the Billionaire Community Awards and some of the prizes will include:

  • Assistance with medical bills
  • Assistance with debt
  • New Car
  • A donation to a domestic abuse charity
  • A donation to help widows
  • A donation to help women in period poverty
  • Preservation of Wildlife

Normal Gallery

Women Empowerment

Billionaire Women NFTs will help promote women’s sense of self-worth, their ability to determine their own choice and their right to influence social change for themselves and others. This will be done by:

  • Supporting Small Businesses
  • Female Mentorship
  • Assisting with Education/Courses
  • Celebrity/Influencer Meetings
  • Donate to Social Causes
Company Logo
The project is supported by The Billionaire Concierge, an exclusive invitation-only global luxury concierge and lifestyle management service which offers the complete concierge service: from designing bespoke personal experiences to arranging day-to-day general lifestyle management to suit the more discerning clientele. The Billionaire Concierge has provided its services to high profile celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Millie Bobby-Brown and Karim Benzema.


SM - The Boss



AR - The Face



MA - The Heart



MS - The Wizard

Head of Development


NS - The Artist



WH - The Soul

Key Strategist


AM - The Shadow





BILLIONAIRE WOMEN NFTS is a collection of unique NFTs that allows holders of these tokens to not only own a wonderful piece of unique artwork, but also to have access to unique benefits and utilities.

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